Got questions?  Here are some answers to FAQs to get you started:

Q:   Is The Kings Park Diary a REAL diary?

A:    Yes, it's really real.

Q:   How old is the diary?

A:    It was written between December, 1953 and July, 1954

Q:   Who is named in the diary?

A:    The author details the names of patients, attendants and physicians, although to protect their privacy, the full names of patients have been redacted.

Q:   What crimes are mentioned in the Kings Park Diary? A:    Beatings, assaults, robbery, suicides, possible murders, conspiracy, not to mention dereliction of duty.

Q:   I have a story about Kings Park Psychiatric - can I share it?

A:    Yes, we've created a Stories section for the website so people can share.  Click HERE to submit your story.

Q:   What if I have a question not answered here?

A:    Email it to sam @ kingsparkdiary.com  and include "Kings Park Diary Question" in the subject line.

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